TIG 141 welder

TIG 141 welder

The welder’s work with the TIG 141 method involves welding with a tungsten electrode in an inert gas shield. Welders employed in this welding method find employment in production workshops related to the production of pressure equipment, pipelines and stainless steel structures.


• accuracy and reliability in carrying out entrusted tasks,

• motivation to work,

• welding certificate in the abovementioned method (possibility to obtain it from the employer),

• experience,

• ability to weld in forced positions, preferably H-L045,

• the ability to weld for non-destructive volumetric tests: ultrasonic (UT) and radiographic (RT),

• the ability to weld “black” and stainless steel,

• ability to read technical drawings – welding,

• the ability to communicate in Polish will be appreciated.

We offer:

• attractive salary, adequate to skills,

• stable employment based on an employment contract or commission,

• accommodation at the workplace,

• the possibility of raising qualifications,

• work clothes,

• we offer foreigners assistance in legalizing their stay and legal employment.

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