Production audits and inspections


We carry out audits of production plants at the request of our clients. We also help in the selection and search for new sub-suppliers. These activities are aimed at verifying:

  • qualification of the plant and personnel based on the required standards,
  • plant infrastructure and equipment in terms of customer requirements,
  • the level of quality of products obtained,
  • production capabilities.


Our company provides inspection services within the following range:

  • First party inspection – internal inspections of a production plant, assessment of a product compliance by a person or an organization being a producer (or supplier) of a product. Such inspections provide a real support for internal quality system.
  • Second party inspection –  assessment of a product compliance carried out upon customer’s request in the production plant of a supplier on the basis of provided documentation and in compliance with international standards and requirements.
  • Third party inspection – assessment of a product compliance during a production process, performed as an independent party.

Our inspectors have long-lasting experience in service and provide a significant support for the customers during the assessment of the compliance of products with the requirements. Independent inspections carried out on the basis of knowledge on international norms and standards more often than not prevent costly repairs and complaints, minimize the risk of supplying a faulty product. Thorough knowledge and experience allows our inspectors to independently assess the correctness of performed works.

We are able to support plant-internal quality management systems providing knowledge and experience.

Technical industry inspections – participating in Functional Appliance Tests (FAT), final pre-distribution acceptance procedures, packing and marking inspections, audits, final documentation supervision, monitoring and expediting production processes.